The *cutest* makeup products you never knew you needed

Do you ever see something that you just *need*? You can't stop thinking about it. These super cute beauty products will make you want to spend all your allowance. Let's be real, you can never have enough.

They're also all good for your body, skin and hair. Many of the products are from South Korea—they're always on top of beauty innovation. Scroll through and let us know which products you would try!

  • winky_lux_1.jpg

    Not only is this Flower Balm by Winky Lux super cute, it also keeps your lips hydrated all day with a coconut scent. It is made with chrysanthemum, which makes the balm react to your skin’s Ph levels to make your own unique color. It also comes with adorable little flowers inside too.

  • unicorn_haiir_1.jpg

    This Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime is an easy dye to use and damage free. It has a ton of colors to choose from and will fade gracefully. The dye works best with lighter hair colors.

  • blossom_1.jpg

    This Blossom Roll-on Perfume Oil by Blossom is made with real flowers so it’s looks super cute and smells great too! It comes in four different scents: Cactus Flower, Coconut Nectar, Honey Jasmine and  Vanilla Orchid.

  • cherry_chapstick_1.jpg

    This Mini Fruit Lip Balm- Cherry by Tony Moly comes in a cute package and smells like cherry too. It also is SPF 15 to protect your lips from UV rays. The color of it is sheer and it's lightweight.

  • glitter_babe_1.jpg

    Do you ever feel like your makeup and outfit are just missing something? This Glitter Up Babe by Brite Organix is the answer to your prayers, adding a little sparkle to your day. You can put it on your face, hair and body. Just use a sponge, brush or even your fingertips. All  you need to remove is soap and water or shampoo.

  • green_tea_1.jpg

    These Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack by Etude House face masks come in three colors that target different problem areas. The Green Tea mask is for greasy skin and works well with clearing up acne. The Black Tea mask is for skin elasticity which makes your skin feel refreshed and soft in the morning.

    The Strawberry Tea is for dry skin and makes your skin look brighter and hydrated.

  • honey_1.jpg

    This adorable Honey Pot Lip Balm by Skin Food is lightweight and moisturizing with a subtle scent. It comes with a mini wooden spoon to apply the lip balm to your lips.

  • bunny_1.jpg

    This Petite Bunny Gloss Bar by Tony Moly is a combination of lipstick and lip gloss, it is lightweight and hydrating. Each lip gloss comes with it’s own color and cute bunny face on it too!

  • milky_1.jpg

    This Milky Milk Cleansing Foam by Skin Food is a gentle cleanser that takes off your makeup and any other dirt off your face fast and it’s shaped like a milk bottle too!

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by Ashlin Bird | 3/14/2018
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