*Win* this miracle leave-in (plus, peep our hacks for longer hair)

Thanks to the sun, salt water and chlorine (not to mention humidity!), summer has left our hair pretty damaged. No worries, though there are plenty of products that will transform your tresses from troubled to tousled. One of our faves? It's a 10, specifically their Miracle Leave-In Product. Made with natural ingredients, the strand-saving spray eliminates frizz and boosts shine. Basically, it's, well, a 10 in our book (wink).

And we've just gotten the best news ever. As the official hair care line of the 2018 Miss America competition, they're giving a free spray away to *every* girl (or guy) who lives in the same state as the winner. All you have to is  CLICK HERE to enter, then tune in on September 10th at 9 p.m. EST on ABC to see if your state wins.

But first, we've got the secrets to seriously long strands from girlboss (It's a 10 CEO) Carolyn Aronson:


In the morning...
Shower in the a.m. to get rid of any oil build-up that happened overnight and stimulate your scalp (aka encourage new hair growth). And she might be biased, but Carolyn swears by a few spritzes of Miracle Leave-In before you head out the door for longer locks in less than a month.

During the day...
"You are what you eat," Carolyn dishes. "Your hair is an extension of what's going on inside your body." That means eat your fruits and veggies (duh) and consider supplements like biotin, collagen or daily vitamins to boost your hair's health. Just ask Mom before taking anything, of course.

At night...
Before you hit the hay, it's important to (gently) brush through any knots or tangles in your tresses—Carolyn hearts Wet Brush. She then recommends pulling it up in a soft scrunchie and sleeping on a satin pillowcase to avoid any breaking or splitting.

How do you keep your hair healthy? Share below! 

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Amanda Tarlton | 9/6/2017
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