*This* common makeup product makes Olivia Holt break out

If you're anything like Olivia Holt, sometimes you just want to rock the #nomakeup look rather than a full face of products.

"Most of the time I just don’t want to do anything to my face," the star of Freeform's upcoming Cloak and Dagger admits. "I'm sort of forced to because of the things that I have to get done, whether that be going on stage or filming on the show."

Wearing makeup can often cause breakouts, but she's got a super simple tip for combating acne: just take off your makeup before bed. "At the end of the day I make sure that I have my makeup remover wipes to get all of [my makeup] off so I feel fresh the next day." As a Neutrogena brand ambassador, Olivia also uses their Light Therapy Acne Mask—which disrupts the acne cycle—when a breakup does pop up. When she's on the go, Liv uses the Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment. The treatment delivers red and blue light to the source of the breakout, which kills bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation. What's coolest? Olivia also recently designed a set of stencils for the mask so that you can customize it to fit *your* skin (get 'em at Target this month). So cool!

But what sneaky product actually causes this beauty to breakout the most? "Any type of powder," Olivia says. "Whether that be highlighter or a bronzer. I try to do less of those just because that can really clog my pores." Who knew?!

What's your go-to blemish remedy? Have you ever tried any of Neutrogena's light technology products? Sound off below!

Photo credit: Neutrogena

by Sydney Adamson | 8/30/2017
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