Tell us your BTS goals and we'll tell you which lippie you should rock

Going back to school gives you the chance to set new goals for yourself, whether it’s raising your hand more in class, making new friends or becoming the leader of a club. Some of your goals might require you to be pretty bold. So, why not shake up your beauty routine by matching a bold shade of lipstick with your awesome goals?

If you want to break out of your shell…
Try maroon lipstick. You’re pretty reserved and don’t always like to stand out, but you’d like to be more outgoing and confident this year. Maroon is a great shade for you to try because it’s similar to the natural shades you're used to, just a little darker.

If you want to try a new leadership role…
Try bright pink lipstick. You’re bright and powerful, just like bright pink lipstick. Own your confidence and leadership style by wearing this fearless hue.

If you want to make a statement…
Try red lipstick. Whether making a statement means sharing your opinions more in class or taking more fashion risks, red lipstick will make you feel more empowered and help you to step out of your comfort zone.

If you want to get more involved in general…
Try a light coral or orange. You’ve always wanted to get more involved at your school and in your community but you didn’t really know how. Coral lipstick is bold without being super risky.

Of course, you’ll look great and accomplish your goals with or without bold lipstick.

What are your school goals? Is there anything you'd like to achieve this school year? Let us know in the comments. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Lucy Hale


by Paige Sheffield | 9/2/2017
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