9 GIFs only girls who are lazy with makeup will understand

We have a love-hate relationship with our beauty blenders. Sure, it's fun to get creative with our faces, but makeup can be such a hassle. And everyone gets lazy with it sometimes. So whether you're a bare-faced beaut or a mascara-and-go kinda gal, you'll relate to *all* of these GIFs.

Sleep's important.
Let's be honest, the number one reason we all get a little lazy with makeup sometimes is because we love our sleep. But who can blame a girl for wanting 15 more minutes of beauty rest?

Makeup doesn't do much for you.
You just know that even if you tried to put on some concealer, no one would be able to tell. So why bother?

You have *so* much more cash.
Makeup is expensive and since you don't embark on tranforming your look daily, you have so much more cash which means you can always get Chipotle! You've got your priorities straight. 

You don't understand girls who wear too much makeup.
When you barely sport two coats of mascara and some sheer lipgloss, it's mind blowing when your bestie walks down the hall and has on more makeup than beauty queens.

Makeup is confusing.
Never mastered winged eyeliner? Don't worry—we haven't either. And we agree, there's no sense in poking your eye out!

Reapplying is a hassle.
If you're going on a run today, forget it. Reapplying makeup takes up so much time that you just don't have. Plus you'd have to carry around your makeup bag all of the time, no thanks.

Everyone else needs to chill out.
There's always someone who points out the fact that you're not wearing that much makeup. People should mind their own business—it's your face and it's your choice.

You can look *so* good with minimal effort.
Girl, even if you aren't in love with lipstick, you are a natural beauty. And you can look good without even trying so props to you. Keep on slaying!

You feel like yourself.
Maybe you're just ditching the makeup on the reg because you feel most yourself when you look most yourself. We love that and you should always embrace who you are—whether you're bare-faced or full-faced.

What's the biggest makeup hassle? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: GIPHY, Pinterest.


by Aly Prouty | 8/2/2017
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