Win GL's new back-to-school box for you *and* your bestie!


There's a lot to be excited about during the BTS season: brand new supplies, the return of fall clothes (jeans + flannels = perfection) and another chance to catch that sweetie's eye in chem class. To help you hit the halls in style, we've curated all of our fave essentials for conquering the classroom. 

And the best part? We’re giving these boxes away to 25 lucky winners *and* their besties so you two can slay your first day together. Peep everything that’s inside below, then click the pink button at the bottom to enter as many times as you’d like before August 31, 2017. Good luck!

Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment
New year, new you...when it comes to your skin, that is. This amaze (and painless!) acne treatment is a two-in-one problem solver that eliminates breakouts and minimizes the size of your pores. 

Casio Baby-G Watch 
See ya later, snooze button and late passes. You can make it to homeroom on time *and* look super stylish doing it with this pretty pink watch. And if you do happen to be rushing around in the a.m. and spill your coffee, no worries—it's water and shock resistant, too. 

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser
We know, early mornings can be rough. But thanks to this energizing facial cleanser, you don't have to look as tired as you feel—the combo of bursting beads, Vitamin C and an invigorating citrusy scent will instantly wake up your face. 


Jafra Girl Squad Eyeshadow Palette, Lipgloss Trio and Eyeliner 
Talk about serious #squadgoals. You deserve a bevy of beauty supplies that's as fab as your gal pals...and this trio of mini lipglosses, eyeliner and a super glam eyeshadow palette are just that. Bonus: This amaze line isn't even out until September, so you can be *super* ahead of the game. 


Kotex U Fitness Tampons, Pads and Liners
Don't your period keep you on the sidelines—Kotex's line of tampons, pads and liners provide complete (and comfortable) coverage so you can stay in the game, no matter what...period. 


Ooly Color Pop All-In-One Notebooks 
If you need a place to record all those *bright* ideas, you'll love one of these colorful journals. Not only will it make studying way more fun, it even has a spot to hold your pen and an envelope to store all the notes your crush passes you in class. 


Workman Big Fat Notebook
Everything you need to one giant book? Yes, please. Consider this your *ultimate* study guide full of definitions, mnemonics, fun doodles to explain those tricky concepts, practice quizzes and more. 

Zandra Back to School Survival Kit  
Hey girls-on-the-go: This kit will take you from class to drama club meeting to field hockey practice to date night with your sweetie. With mini-sized body wash, lip balm, lotion and sugar scrub all packed up in a cute bag, you just have to toss it in your backpack on the way ou the door. 

Ready to score your school style stash? Click the button below and enter between now and August 31, 2017 to win. Good luck! 


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by Emily Mullin | 7/14/2017
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