Your makeup collection is missing these 5 items

A lovely gal on a budget knows how to get the most out of drugstore makeup, but there are some beauty buys that are just too tempting to pass up. Makeup is about feeling empowered and beautiful inside and out, and enhancing our already-beautiful features, as well as just having fun. Check out these awesome beauty tools you'll drool over, fit for every budget.


Facial Massager, $4 
Massages are a great way to relax facial muscles and freshen skin after a long day. This product is so great at less than five dollars, you'll never want to pay for a facial again.  

I AM FIRST brush set, $75
This 10-piece limited edition brush set features empowering phrases on each brush as part of Bdellium's empowering #IAMFIRST movement. Apply your makeup and boost your confidence with brushes with kind words like "I am able," "I am strong" and "I am beautiful."


Solid Clean Brush Cleaner, $14
To keep your new brushes clean and fresh, invest in a long-lasting solid brush cleaner. It's compact, making it great for on-the-go use. Not to mention, there's no chance of spilling it! 


Beauty Fine Liner Brush, $19 
VERT carries fine line brushes that are perfect for creating elegant winged liner. Since the tip is angled, you won't have to get into any funny positions when you complete your flick.

Hologram Medium Oval Brush

Hologram Oval Brush, $5.99 
This gorgeous ombre brush will do more than add a pop of color to your makeup collection. Oval brushes can be used to apply foundation, powder, blush or bronzer. You can also use them to blend makeup for a more natural look.

What's your favorite beauty tool? What's the most expensive makeup purchase you've ever made? Sound off below!

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by Julia Bonney | 5/6/2017
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