5 ways you could be seriously damaging your hair

Taking care of your hair is a good thing, but it *is* possible to go overboard. Brushing too hard, piling on the products and doing other well-intentioned actions can actually end up damaging your ‘do instead of helping it. For cleaner, healthier hair, make sure to avoid doing these things.

Brushing wet hair
Since wet hair is weaker than dry hair, it can break more easily when brushed. To avoid a tangly mess after washing your hair, brush it before you shower while it’s dry. If you still need to detangle when you get out of the shower, try a wet brush (like this one), which are gentler on wet hair than normal brushes.

Frequently wearing tight hairstyles
Wearing a tight ponytail or bun often puts stress on your tresses and can lead to breakage and permanent damage over time. It’s an easy fix: just let your hair down more often. When it’s necessary to tie it up, try styling your hair half-up-half-down, putting the elastic in different spots or opting for a loose style instead of a tight one.

Not using heat protectant
Forgoing hot tools entirely is the best way to go because using heat can dry out your hair and increase split ends. But for those times when you need to blowdry, straighten or curl your hair, don’t forget to put on heat protectant (this one is fab). This will help prevent breakage and damage to your hair.

Piling on too many products
Leave-in conditioner, hairspray, dry shampoo, Moroccan oil—there are endless amounts of products you can use to give your hair a boost. Using too much in your hair, however, can create build-up and weigh your locks down. This can lead to your hair feeling greasy or crunchy, which may force you to wash it more often, stripping your hair of its natural oils. To avoid this, start with the minimal amount of product and slowly add more until you’ve achieved the perfect result.

Waiting too long between haircuts
It’s recommended that you get a haircut or trim at least every six to eight weeks. When split ends form in your strands, they’ll grow larger and weaken your hair. The only way to stop them from getting bigger is to get them snipped off, so call your stylist if you’re overdue!

How do you show your hair some love? Share down below!

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by Grace Zhou | 3/26/2017