How to handle these 5 summer skin probz

Summer is the absolute best time for adventuring outdoors. But while we love spending time outside no matter the time of year, our skin usually doesn't. With the summer heat comes all kinds of skin dilemmas: from sunburn to melted make up, here's how to deal with 5 of the most common (and often most annoying) skin afflictions. 

Melting makeup

If you go heavy on the cosmetics during the summer, you're probably familiar with the symptoms of melting makeup—like when you go to rub your face and your hand is suddenly covered in foundation and blush. Yikes! Heat usually has a way of sabotaging your look, but there are a few ways to lessen its effects. First, start with a primer before you pile on the foundation. This will provide a base that will lock the rest of your makeup in place. Then, instead of a heavy foundation, try a light bb cream (with SPF!). Finally, waterproof eye-makeup will work wonders during high temps. Yes, even on days you're not at the pool!

Oily shine

If you haven't been using a face wash specifically formulated for treating acne, switch to one even if you'll only use it June through August—the summer heat tends to clog pores and cause shininess not only from sweat but from excess oil, too. ('Cause in addition to keeping your face melt-free, a lighter makeup routine will also prevent oil buildup.) If your face is still getting shiny, a face mask with salicylic acid every few days will decrease the production of oil, and keeping blotting papers on hand is a quick fix for a shiny complexion.

Heat rash

Are small, itchy bumps covering your skin when you haven't been anywhere near poison ivy? You might have heat rash brought on by humidity and caused by sweat trapped under the skin. According to WebMD, heat rash should disappear in a few days if you avoid clothing that causes friction or irritates the skin, but you should see a doctor if the rash lasts longer than a few days or your skin begins to show signs of infection.

Bikini line bumps

At their worst, bikini line bumps can be painful and even at their best they're an unsightly nuissance. Since these annoying bumps are caused by your razor, we recommend waiting a few days before shaving down there again—doing so will only irritate the bumps or even cause them to tear and get infected. Try to keep from scratching, but if they don't go away on their own your local drugstore will likely carry a product that'll help (Bikini Zone's Medicated Cream is a great product for this).


The most common skin affliction can also be the most painful—not to mention the most serious. The prevention of sunburn starts with a high-SPF sunscreen (seriously, always wear it!). But there are tons of home remedies if your sunscreen has failed (like these on If your sunburn is serious—blisters, facial swelling, headaches, faintness and fever are common signs of this—skip the home treatment and seek medical assistance immediately. Take special precaution out in the sun if you're particularly fair-skinned, or if you're on specific medications. According to WebMD, acne medications, antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control pills and more could make your skin extra-sensitive to sunlight.

How do you keep your skin looking and feeling good in the summer? Let us know in the comments below! 


by Kristin Helf | 7/23/2016