This Valentine's Day mani is totally melt-worthy


Tired of rocking the traditional red and pink mani for V-Day? Transform your tips with help from Brazilian beauty blogger Joy Nunes. We're obsessed with her recipe for deliciously decadent chocolate nails—they look awesome, and they're actually easy. 

Check out the how-to below, then head to her Instagram for major mani-spiration. (P.S. "Derretido" means "melted" in Portuguese!)

1. Paint the nail with your chosen base color (no need to do the same on every nail!) and let it dry.

2. Add chocolate brown dots (2 or 3) on the nail. To make it look more realistic, try different sizes and positions.

3. Drag your tool (either an official nail art tool like this one or a toothpick) through the dots, then color in the tips of your nail.

4. Once the "chocolate" is completely dry, swipe on a topcoat (and try to resist the temptation to bite your delicious-looking tips!).

Image source: Gostei e agora? 

What's your go-to V-day mani? What beauty bloggers do you follow? Let us know below!  

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by Eunah Cho | 2/4/2016