#GLBeautySchool: Makeup brushes 101


Hey beauty babes—if you've ever used one brush to apply your powder, bronzer AND blush (guilty!), get ready: Class is now in session. Knowing what brush does what might seem SAT-level complicated, but the right tools and implementation can make all the difference when it comes to upping your beauty game. Read on...
Are you a brush expert? What makeup tools do you use? Let us know below!  
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    Eyeshadow brush

    What it is: This is your standard eye shadow brush. It picks up the pigments of your eyeshadow and spreads the color evenly across your eyelids (hey, it's not called 101 for no reason!). 

    How to use it: Sweep the brush along the shadow of your choice then apply on lids, starting from the inner corner of your eye. Apply as far up as the browbone.


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    Foundation brush

    What it is: A brush for liquid or cream foundation, perfect for a streak-free and flawless finish. 

    How to use it: Before use, rinse with warm water and squeeze out excess until it's lightly damp. Dip the brush into the foundation and work it onto your skin, applying in a circular motion. Start from your inner face up to the hairline for full coverage, then continue to blend until you have a natural look.

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    Eyeliner brush

    What it is: An angled brush for use with gel eye liner or for filling in or highlighting brows.

    How to use it: When using with gel liner, place the brush on the inner corner of your eyelid, then slowly create a line by dragging the brush lightly across the lash line.

    When using it to fill in your brows, just apply the eyebrow powder along your natural shape for a bolder, more defined look.

    To highlight under your brows, add concealer to the brush and glide the brush under your brow to make your eyebrows look more defined and to create a shar finish.


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    Blush brush

    What it is: A soft, medium-sized brush similar to a powder brush but with slightly firmer and more concentrated bristles.

    How to use it: Lightly brush from the apples of the cheeks upward.

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    Powder brush

    What it is: A fluffy brush used for powder foundations or transluscent finishing powder.

    How to use it: Blow off any excess, then lightly apply your powder in a sweeping motion. One of the easiest! 


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    Fan brush

    What it is: A fan-shaped brush used for highlighting or makeup cleanup.

    How to use it: To highlight, dush the brush with highlighting powder and blow off excess, then apply to the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and center of the chin. To remove makeup messes, use the fan brush to lightly dust away excess or fallen eyeshadow particles.


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    Double-ended brow brush


    What it is: A brush, spoolie and comb for taming and grooming brows, as well as removing excess mascara from lashes.

    How to use: Stroke your eyebrows with the brush, then follow with the spoolie from the head of your brow to the tail until you've acheived the desired shape.

    Use the comb to separate lashes after applying mascara.  


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by Kiara Richmond and Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016