Essential eyeliner tricks to try *now*

Wanna make those peepers pop? We scoured the internet for OMG-worthy eyeliner tricks, and boy are you in for a treat. From a touch of catty to full-on dramatic, here’s how to master using an eyeliner (and make those eyes *really* stand out). 
1. Make your own eyeliner with eye shadow and a liner brush.

Wanna line your eyes with your fave shade of eyeshadow? Just dip the end of a thin liner brush in water and then in the eyeshadow of your choice. Run the brush along the edge of your lids, as you would with normal eyeliner.

2. Set yourself up for a clean line by starting with small, even dots along the lid.

Drawing the perfect line can be tricky, so make it a little easier by lining your eyes with dots first. Then, carefully connect the dots. If you make a mistake, you can clean up with edges with a cotton swab and petroleum jelly or eye makeup remover. 

3. Make your eye shadow pop with a base coat of white eyeliner.

If you’re using a lighter shade of shadow, try coating your lids with white eyeliner first and then applying your shadow on top. This will make the color brighter.

4. Stick crumbly eyeliner in the freezer.

If your eyeliner isn’t firm, freeze for about 10 minutes. When you take it out, it will be smooth and easier to work with. 

5. Try ombré.

If you want to add a little spice to your look, fade from light to dark for an ombré look. Start in the inner corner of your eye with light eyeliner color. After you line about a third of your lid, switch to a darker color and start lining from the outer corner. Next, blend the two colors in the middle with a sponge brush.

6. Use a spoon as your guide for a flawless cat eye.

Line up the straight edge of a spoon handle with the corner of your eye and hold it at the angle you want for the low angle. Then, use the curved edge to create the shape that you want. Fill in the space between the lines for the ultimate cat eye

7. Clean up a messy line with concealer or nude-colored eyeliner.

If your line is a little sloppy, smooth it out with a dab of skin-colored concealer or eyeliner. Trace the line that you want with your nude eyeliner or a cotton swab dipped in liquid concealer to erase any smudges.

How do you like to use your eyeliner? 


by Samantha Max | 2/1/2016