Do these things work?! We tested crazy hair tools to see if cute curls can really be that easy


Get-glam gadgets always leave us wondering: Do they actually work? So we asked beauty vlogger Samantha Wilson of CopyCat Beauty to try out three tools that promise pretty waves—without all the fuss of an actual curling iron. Sound too good to be true? See what Sam says—and snag her secrets—in the video. 

Tool #1: Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret$100,

CURL CLAIM: Hair gets wound into the heated curl chamber. After a few seconds, release to find perfect ringlets. 


SAM SAYS: Quick, easy, bouncy curls. Didn’t even burn my finger.


TRESS TIP: Make sure you brush your hair first to avoid any tangles. 




Tool #2: Remington T-Studio LUXE Hot Air Brush, $50,


CURL CLAIM: The heated, rotating brush gives tresses volume and fullness with a bit of bend for natural looking curls.  


SAM SAYS: Super simple for soft, romantic waves. Makes strands shiny. 


TRESS TIP: Alternate direction of barrel with each section of hair to create more texture. 




Tool #3: ForStyler Hair Twister, $40,


CURL CLAIM: All you have to do is attach the nozzle to your blow dryer and then place damp locks in the tube. The circular airflow will do the rest by twisting hair into loose, beachy waves.  


SAM SAYS: Fab results on my frizzy hair. It cut my styling time in half!


TRESS TIP: Prep strands with sea salt spray for a textured surfer girl vibe. 





Have you tried any of these tools—or do you have another favorite you want to share? Talk all things hair tools in the comments!


by Kelsey Haywood and Nahal Mehrazar | 2/1/2016