Watch this: Match top to your tips with this plaid nail art tutorial


Introducing the newest nail art trend to try: matching your outfit to your nails. 

Sounds tricky, right? Nope, not a bit. Here’s the thing: You don’t have to switch your polish for every single outfit…but for a special occasion or just a fashionable Friday night, it’s twice as nice to pair up your patterns. Our fave? Tartan tips match all of fall’s prettiest plaids. Try this gorgeous gray pattern created by Hannah Lee, the hyper talented nail genius behind YouTube's HannahRoxNails and the author of Cool Nail Art, an awesome book of tip inspo.

Step 1- Start

Paint two coats of grey polish and let dry.


Step 2- Stripe

Using a striper, paint a thick white line from the base of the nail to the tip, slightly off-center.


Step 3- Cross

Paint another white line in the opposite direction (across the nail) passing over the first line. Keep it close to the base.


Step 4- Outline

Using a black striper, outline the white lines with thin black ones, and add an additional black line down the center of both white lines.


Step 5- Color

Add two red accent lines, one down the nail and one across. Let it dry.


Step 6- Finish

Cover the polish with a clear top coat for protection. You’re done!

What did you think of this nail art video tutorial—do you want to see more? Did you try it out? Share your thoughts in the comments!




by Kelsey Haywood | 2/1/2016