3 pretty blushes to warm up winter skin

Normally, we could take blush or leave it. But during the dead of winter, it’s suddenly a girl’s BFF. Here are three of our new faves that’ll instant add cute color to your cheeks. Plus, we’re still givin’ away the perf compact for V-Day!

A darling duo
Having blush ‘n’ bronzer in the same place is perf. Plus, it lets girls who might shy away from pink tones ease into the sweet scene. Blend like mad find the color that’s most flattering to you.

The prettiest pink
Ultra-rosy cheeks were a major trend on the spring runways. Benefit Cosmetics, aka our go-to girls for when we want the perf powder, rolled out a super-bright hue. When you play up your cheeks that much, it’s best to keep your lids low-key and your pucker plain.
Bella Bamba, $28,

Go super natural
Want just the tiniest bit of color? L’Oreal’s True Match blushes blend seamlessly into your skin, making them a fab pick for girls who want a hint of hue. Puts life back into your cheeks, without going overboard. Plus, the price is amazing.

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by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016