Winter's best 'n' brightest makeup

Forget gray days and the winter blues. We’ve got a rainbow of bold hues to add some sunshine to your beauty routine. From sea green polish to the prettiest palettes we’ve seen in ages, it’s time to crank the color in your world.

Stila’s palettes are a total fave. This Technicolor one is inspired by all things Tokyo. OK, so blue eye shadow might be a bit much for school days, but ya gotta love it blended into the black for nights out. And this time of year, we can all use a little blush to make those cheeks look alive.
Stila Girl Travel Palette Blue One Size, $10,

We’re tearing through our lotion with this crazy-dry weather. What’s more fun than busting out a gorge green bottle of lotion to make those mitts feel better? Ah yes, one that’s on sale.

Swap out your traditional gloss for a super-saturated lip stain. You’ll get a major boost of color and it’s incredibly fun to use a ginormous marker to color in your lips. Weird, but true.

POP Beauty polishes are a fave among GL editors—the colors are super cool. We love layering glitter over them or just rocking them alone. And, um, this turquoise hue speaks for itself.
POP Beauty Turquoise Nail Polish, $10,

It’s totally easy to use the same makeup brushes for ages (but, yeah, it’s not healthy). Give your beauty bag a quick makeup with these h-o-t sponges. They help ya get flawless coverage and, well, we heart the color.
Beautyblender, $3,
A flick of purple liner is perf if you don’t wanna go overboard with the color. It works on everyone and you can wear it day or night. At $2 bucks, we’re sold.

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by GL | 2/1/2016