New Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous

We chatted up super-famous hairstylist Maury Hopson to find out some fresh ways to improve those tresses. He spilled the dos and don’ts of conditioning and why it’s best to drop the flat iron. His genius ideas will have your hair lookin’ shiny and new in days. Just in time for Homecoming, perhaps?
Deep conditioning? Only apply product to the length of your locks.
Maury swears by Moroccanoil to increase shine and nourish dry hair. But your roots have enough natural oils, so concentrate on the rest of your mane instead.  A little dab will do ya, girl.
Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, $15,
Brush before bed (with a twist).
We don’t just mean those teeth. Maury suggests laying off the side of your bed with your head hanging down and brushing out those strands before you go to sleep. It’s soothing, feels flat-out amazing and ensures you’ll hit the sack without a pile of tangles.
Let your hair breathe.
Obvi, avoiding the styling tools is key. Too much heat trashes hair. But Maury brought up another interesting point: give your hair a rest from the conditioner. Sure, it makes your mane touchable, but also coats your strands. Simply shampooing with leave your hair with a little more “guts.” Pretty cool, right?
Trim those tresses, even if you’re gunning for long hair.
“I suggest always trims,” Maury says. “It’s like weeding a garden. You have to cut it back to make it stronger.” And just like weeds, split ends can totally spread. They zip up your hair and cause breakage. See your stylist regularly.


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016