Check Out GL's Fave New Beauty Book

Our fave makeup guru is breakin’ down everything you ever wanted to know about all things gorgeous. Whether you wanna know what foundation is best for your skin or how to apply eyeliner, Bobbi Brown’s got ya covered in her new book, Beauty Rules.

Bobbi’s new book is an in-depth how-to on everything beauty. She invites readers into her glam world as an internationally renowned makeup artist and spills her secrets. For example, any makeup expert knows that when applying eyeliner, the bottom line must always be thinner then the top line, and that you should never put liner on only the bottom lid or risk looking tired. And, um, now I do too. She tells us everything we need to know — from the best products and tools to the simple little tips to keep your face and hair looking flawless.

Beauty Rules goes more than skin deep. It teaches you, above all, to love yourself. According to Bobbi, you can't feel pretty on the outside until you know just how beautiful you really are on the inside. So, boost your confidence with this beauty must-have because after all, as the foreword — written by Hilary Duff — reminds us, "we are all beautiful works-in-progress".
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by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016