3 Drugstore Moisturizers to Check Out

Wanna make your complexion glow and save some cash? Us, too. That’s why we scoured the drugstore aisles (and Target!) to find the best and most affordable facial moisturizers. Whether your skin is acne-prone or super-sensitive or anywhere in between, we’ve got ya covered.

For Normal Skin
If your skin just needs a flash of flawlessness (not full-on makeup coverage), it’s all about the tinted moisturizer. You’ll even out your skin tone and provide critical SPF.

For Sensitive Skin

Avoiding harsh toners and cleansers is key. Wash your face gently and then apply a gentle, non-comedogenic formula. Neutrogena is a total fave—and keeps your skin from freaking out.

For Break-out Prone Skin

Oil-free lotions are a must! If your skin breaks out all-over, consider seeking out a moisturizer that contains a dash of salicylic acid (like this one). Don’t skip moisturizing post-cleansing--your skin needs a drink, too.


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016