My Clean Scene

Whether you’re kicking around the soccer ball or hiking in the woods, summer means loads more outdoor exercise...and a whole lot more sweat. Ew. We’ve been on the hunt for (and finally found!) a fab cleanser that leaves skin feeling amazing post-workout. Murad sent some of their new products our way and here’s what intern Vanessa had to say...

Recently, I tried out Craving for Clean, a Clean Scene cleanser by Murad. I wet my face, massaged the cleanser into my skin and then washed it off with a wet washcloth. The sweet scent was awesome (it contains the antioxidant yumberry). I also realized that a little goes a long way — I only needed a tiny bit to cover my whole face. So even though it’s a little pricey, the bottle will last a while.

I really liked how gentle it harsh scrubbing or tightness here. When I toweled off, my face felt cool and fresh—the perf feeling after a workout. Love it!


by Vanessa Junkin | 2/1/2016