Quiz - Help the Hardy Boys solve a mystery for a chance to win

Using the clues from the video, make choices just like the Hardy Boys in order to help them solve the mystery of the missing royal treasure. Make the right choices and you’ll be given a secret code that you can use to enter to win a Nintendo DS and the newest Hardy Boys adventure game, The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks, (out on Nintendo DS™ on Sept. 7th).

You’re off to solve a century-old mystery. Where should your journey begin?


You must travel across Europe to search for clues in cities. What’s the best way to travel?


No one has ever been able to find the treasure—you might need some help with this one. Who should you team up with that will be there to back you up?


Clues have been hidden by the Romanovs in the greatest cities of Europe. What artifacts should you investigate that contain clues?