Quiz - Are you crushing on a bad bae?


Your crush is absolutely adorable. A total gem. So of course you're willing to forgive it when they don't always say hi in the halls...or leave your snaps on open, right? Not exactly. When it comes to your crushes, are your standards super high-or barely off the ground? Take this quiz to find out if your expectations are soaring...or simply settling. 


Your crush commemorates the first rainfall of the season by pouncing in a puddle and splattering mud all over your brand new coral jeans. You...


The cutie from bio "accidentally" trips your sorta geeky lab partner as he walks by, sending his beaker smashing to the floor. You...


Two days ago, you had the best first date with a total sweetie. You thought you'd get a text by now, but it's been crickets. How long do you wait before reaching out?


You and your BF are about to hit the six-month mark. When your bestie asks him what he's getting you, he semi-jokingly replies, "I'm dating her-that's enough, right?" Your response?

5're starting to fall for your BGF. What do you like most about him?


You cannot believe your insane luck when the cutie from debate club asks you out. When you run to tell your bestie, she...


You just found out bae has told half the class about your first kiss on the walk home after Spring Fling. You...


We all know cheating is a total deal-breaker in any relationship...but what move gets a pass (well, at least the first time it happens) in your dating handbook?