Locker emergency kit

You’ve finally gotten into the swing of things at school, but you’ve been caught off guard once or twice by a paper cut, run in your tights or yikes—a dreaded period emergency! Fear not, next time you'll be prepared with this Locker Emergency Kit for whatever the day might throw at ya!

What ya need:

One super cute cosmetic bag, or be more discrete and stick with a brown paper bag or zipper-sealed baggie.

A packet of safety pins—for tears in your shirt, pants or dress.

A handful of bandaids—for paper cuts, hang nails and minor boo-boos.

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste—in case you ran outta the house without brushing or in case you opted for the garlic chicken at lunchtime!

Floss—for spinach-in-your-teeth nightmares!

Extra pair of undies—in case you have a period accident.

Handful of hair ties and a headband—for bad hair days, or for after P.E. class.

Tampons and/or pads—these are great to have on hand for any girl, even if you haven’t yet had your period. It’s best to be prepared!
Other important things to note:

Put all these emergency fixers in your locker emergency kit bag and stick it somewhere safe in your locker or bookbag. Add anything you think you might need throughout the school year.

Stay away from adding pills or medication bottles to your fix-it kit though, since most schools have strict rules against students medicating themselves for headaches and period pains, and require you see the school nurse. Chances are, one of your friends or you are going to have a beauty emergency at some point so get ready to be the most in-demand diva at school!


by Katie Shutt | 2/1/2016