Be An Insta-Smarty: Rock an A game with our quick study tips

Got a big test coming up and feeling a little overwhelmed? Think you’re just not a great test taker? It happens to the best of us! That’s why GL’s compiled a list of rockin’ tips to help you make the grade and learn to study like a pro.

Get a head start. If you can, start reviewing a week before your big exam. Study for 30 minutes to an hour everyday. Regurgitating info over and over again in short intervals really helps it stick without overloading your noggin!

What’s the right time for you? Figure out the time of day you study best. If it’s in the morning, wake up a little earlier to review during breakfast. If you’re more of a night owl, tear yourself away from your fave shows and hit the books.

Tech-NO-logy. Get the most out of your study time by focusing on just what you need to know. It might be difficult to do but save your texting for after studies. Turn off the tube, too. Loads of background distractions won’t help you remember those chemistry equations! If you absolutely must use your computer to review, close any extra websites (so long, Facebook), so your material has your undivided attention.

SHHH! Find a quiet place to review. Whether you need to skip the lunchroom chatter and head to the library, or put some space between your sibs and fam in your room, pick a place that’s hush-hush to do your homework.

Back to reality. So yeah, memorizing dates of Civil War battles might be a piece of cake, but what about those tricky vocab words that leave baffled? Instead of just cramming definitions, try using those words to describe a situation in your real life. Even better, start applying them in your actual day-to-day speech. 

Study buddies. Get a crew of classmates together to meet up and review. Quiz each other and make study guides. Stay focused and save the gossip for the end of the sesh!

Stay positive. When it seems like you will never be able to remember a frog’s anatomy for your Bio class or all of those complicated Algebra equations. Slow down. Make a list of all the goals-from most to least important. Take one goal at a time and soon you’ll be checking them all off!

Act like you’re in school. It’s time to study so ya get comfy in your PJs and get started on your reading list while sprawled across your bed munchin’ on a handful of popcorn, right? Big no, girl. Even if you’re hitting the books at home, pretend like you’re at the library or in class. Sitting up straight at your desk and limiting foods and lounge-around threads lets your bod and your brain know that you’re serious. 

Say it out loud. May seem lame, but reading your notes out loud will force you to slow down and look at each word. Hearing yourself say it will help you remember it, too!

Take breaks. Study for about 50 minutes and take the next 10 to chill. Get up and stretch, grab some water or a granola bar before getting back to the books! The time-out will rejuvenate you for another hour!

Get your beauty sleep. Don’t skimp on your zzz’s, girl. You already know it’s important to get a good night’s rest before a big day and test days aren’t any different. You’ll feel more awake and alert for any question your teach may throw at you!


by Taeler Lottino | 2/1/2016