4 ways to survive the end-of-semester stress

Picture this: It's getting close to the end of the semester, and you're dreaming of beach vacays and pool parties galore—but you still have a month of school left. Ugh.

The end-of-semester slump is a real thing...and it's kind of inevitable. As the weather gets warmer and your impending summer social sched stacks up, it's harder to find motivation to go heads-down on your assignments. 

But don't check out of the semester just yet (srsly, right before finals week is *not* the time). Instead, check out these four self-care tips to finish off the school year strong.

Change your study location


A major key to getting your work done? Having a study space that works for you. And shaking up your location might be just the thing you need to get a glimmer of can-do energy. 

This is the perfect time to try out that new coffee shop or spread out a blanket on your lawn. Get your Rory Gilmore study grind on with rainbow highlighters, a gorgeous new gel pel set and your fave bevvy.

Study with friends


Friends = instant motivators. Grab your bestie and head to the smoothie shop for a study session. Even if you’re not working on the same thing, just having someone there with you can keep you on track. The trick, of course, is to make sure you’re *actually* doing work (we know it's hard to keep the chitchat at a minimum, so queue up a focus playlist on Spotify if you need help).

Get enough sleep


You've probably heard your teachers tell you to get a good night's sleep before an important exam or presentation—and it's true! Your body needs sleep to function properly (and for your brain to operate at its peak), so it's v. important to get some shut-eye. Translation: Don't pull an all-nighter to get your work done. Make sure you are getting at least 7-9 hours of beauty sleep per night.

Have something to look forward to 


The good news about finals week is that it *does* end eventually. Whether it's your fam's beach trip, a picnic at the lake or just a DIY spa night, having something to look forward to after the semester is over can help make it go by faster. Create a Pinterest board with inspo pics for your summer bucket list, then take a peek everytime your motivation's running low to remind you that sunnier days are just around the corner.

Happy studying, besties!

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by Fran Au | 5/22/2024