The essentials you need to slay finals season

It's almost that time again... the *dreaded* finals week. The end of the school year can be stressful and exhausting, but these essentials help make it a little bit easier. Get ready to ace and slay your exams!

Comfy lounge set

Amazon, $37

When studying for long periods, you want to dress comfortably. You should opt for a casual sweat set that is easy to throw on (plus, a matching set always looks extra chic). The soft waffle fabric and loose drawstring shorts are super relaxed and make you feel put together. Bonus: This set comes in tons of colors from bright pink to royal blue (we can't wait to see how you style it)!

Tote bag + all the necessities

Amazon, $12

Whether you're hitting up a local coffee shop, a group study hangout or going to the library, you need a cute bag to transport all of your study materials. A canvas tote with a positive message is perfect (and much needed during a challenging time)! We recommend keeping your computer, notebook, headphones and water bottle in your bag. Don't forget your fave lip balm and hair ties!

Amazon, $7

It's also super important to find a way to relieve stress and take brain breaks when you're studying. Spoiler alert: Coloring is for *all* ages—it can still be really fun and relaxing! This coloring book is focused on inspirational messages and pictures, giving you both a mood and energy boost. Just toss it in your tote bag!

Healthy snacks

It's easy to reach for unhealthy snacks (like soda, chips and candy) when you're cramming for exams. Instead, you should try snacks that are actually good for your brain. These include berries, dark chocolate, nuts and Greek yogurt. Try these yummy trail mix recipes that you can easily make in a large batch ahead of time. Keep your brain focused and belly full!

Study playlist

Studying in silence can make it feel *extra* long and boring. Not only can music motivate you but it helps you concentrate. We've compiled a playlist for your many study moods—for when you're extra focused or just need instrumental background music. Check it out here!

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by Maddy Phillips | 5/22/2023