The cutest (and clickiest) keyboards to instantly motivate you to do your homework

Let's face it: Sometimes, it's the little (aesthetically pleasing) things that motivate us to get our work done. One of those aesthetic things? Keyboards (we're talking about the ones that link up to your laptop or iPad and make the most satisfying clicky sounds *ever*).

Basically every study YouTuber has one, and we sooo get the hype. They'll make you feel like you're typing a fancy document on a typewriter (even if you're just doing your bio research paper). We've rounded up the most ah-dorable ones we could find—bc it's time to spice up your workspace and add one of these to your holiday wishlist!

Logitech Pop Keys 

$90, Logitech 

Logitech's Pop Keys Keyboard easily connects to most devices and makes that amaze clicky sound we adore. Plus, it comes in three fun colors!

KnewKey Mechanical Keyboard

$159, KnewKey

If you're a fan of StudyTube (AKA the magical world of study-related YouTube vids), this mechanical keyboard from KnewKey may look familiar. YouTubers seem to use this one for a reason—it makes the most satisfying sounds *and* it lights up as you type. To call this cool would be an understatement.

UBOTIE Keyboard

$36, Amazon

Bright and cheery are two words we'd use to describe this keyboard. The fact that not all of the keys are the same color? Obsessed.

Keyboard and mouse set

$46, Amazon

This set from Amazon comes with a clicky mouse, too! And its subtle tones are perf for a more mellow and soothing desk setup look.

Typewriter keyboard

$126, Amazon

This last one looks just like a real typewriter! It gives off major 19th-century scholar vibes. If this doesn't motivate us to get our work done, we don't know what will.

Happy typing! 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 11/20/2022