Head of the class

School is back in session, and it’s time to hit the books. If your new school year resolution is to make the Honor Roll and ace your exams, then check out our must-dos to move you to the top of your class!

Get a good night’s rest.
The secret to a great day begins with a good night. Aim to get at least nine hours of sleep per night so you’re prepped in the AM.

Eat a healthy b-fast. Scientific studies show that chowing down on healthy breakfast can lead to better grades.

Show up early. Straggling into class five minutes after the bell shows your teacher that you don’t care. Try to get into your seat a few minutes before class.

Ask questions. Class participation is usually a part of your class grade. Make sure you get as many points as you can by raising your hand to ask and answer questions.


Talk to teachers. Remember, they’re there to help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Find a good study buddy. The right person makes all the difference.

Take notes. This is the best way to remember important parts of class. Make it a habit to review your notes each day after school so you’re always prepared for a pop quiz.

Tackle tough tasks first. Time-consuming projects require more energy, which means you should start on them as soon as you get out of school. A little bit a day will nix the last minute scramble. 

Stay organized. Deadlines? Exam dates? Make a note of all your due dates on a calendar so that you’re never caught off guard. Review your calendar at the end of every day and set weekly goals to stay on track.

Don’t cram. Study 20 to 30 minutes every day the week leading up to a test and you’ll perform a lot better than if you’d stayed up studying the night before.


Ask for extra credit. Hey, a couple of extra points never hurt anybody.
Take a break. If you study for more than a half hour at a time, you're more likely to forget what you've learned. Eat a healthy snack or take a jog before you get back to work. Your mind will thank you.


by L’Oreal Thompson | 2/1/2016