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Try these 5 poses for non-awkward Insta pics

Is your Insta feed filled with the same poses? Need some help taking photos so you're not just standing awkwardly wondering what to do? Check out these stunning poses from some of our fave influencers and celebs that you can easily recreate yourself.

1. Reaching Towards Camera


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This look is *super* aesthetically pleasing. Reach out towards your camera and have the camera unfocus on your hand and keep the rest of your body in the foreground. Kenzie def pulled off this pose and so can you.

2. Flamingo


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I'm in love with this look, it's *so* cute and definitely feed-worthy. Reach your arm out upwards and kick up your leg for a super youthful and fun picture. 

3. Pouty Pose

Elbows out with this super cute pose done by Gabi B. Place your hands on your hips and stick your elbows outwords for this chic lewk. Make sure to pout your lips!

4. Blocking out the haters (and the sun)


is this what chicken little meant when he said the sky was falling ?? ☁️

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Blocking out the sun can be super visually appealing. It's also great on a day that's too bright for eyes-wide-open poses...or even if you're feeling like blocking out your face. This look can also be really cool if you show the shadow of your hand on your face.

5. "Act Natural"


act natural

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This look is stunningly elegant and well done by Annie. Place your hands above your head and cross one over the other. Pout your lips for that extra flirty and sweet effect.

6. Silly pose


biggest fan

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A little extra suprise addition to the poses is another fabulous photo from Annie LeBlanc. Sometimes the best photos are the silliest ones, it's important to not take Instagram photos too seriously. Social media is supposed to be fun so post what you want...not what you think others will like.

If you recreate any of these photos, remember to tag @girlslifemag in your post!


by Gabrielle Pine | 8/5/2020