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We're *obsessed* with these aesthetic Insta baths

You might not be able to fill your tub with real flowers, but you can let these beautiful baths inspire your next soak. Looking for some *serious* spa day inspo? Babe, we got you.

Did you know? Taking a warm bath before bed is scientifically proven to help you sleep better.


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Try this: Add a few scoops of Epson salts to your water to help relax your muscles after a workout!


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Fun fact: It's physically impossible to have too many bubbles in your bath. We checked. Yep, absolutely impossible.


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Try this: Just a few drops of essential oils in your tub *instantly* ups your spa day game (we recommend lavender!). 


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Did you know? The steam from your bath could help reduce cold symptoms (like a bowl of chicken noodle soup! Except the bowl is bigger, you're sitting in it, and there's no chicken broth).


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Fun fact: Watching your *fave* Netflix show is 10x more fun if you're relaxing in the bath.


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Try this: It might sound crazy, but bathe in literal tea! We mean it, a bag or two of chamomile tea in your bath water can help soothe sensitive skin (plus it smells great!).


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by Erin Sargent | 7/24/2020