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Try this 7-day quarantine journaling challenge

There's no doubt about it: Journaling can clear your head, help you discover who you are and help you make sense of the world around you—but what happens when all your days feel the same and you're struggling to find inspiration? Here's a 7-day journaling challenge that will give your week the jumpstart it needs. 

Monday - Motivation Monday challenge 


Start off your week by checking in with yourself. How has social distancing been making you feel? What one emotion has been winning out over the rest? Journal down the things that have been really weighing on you, and then cap it off by exploring some things that you're really grateful for.

Tuesday - Tune-in challenge


Your homework today is to consume a new piece of media — yay! Listen to that newly-released album all your friends keep recommending, try out a hilarious new podcast or start binge-ing that of-the-moment Netflix show...then, get ready to write! In your journal, rate the album, movie or podcast out of ten stars, and write a few paragraphs reviewing it. Would you recommend it to a friend? What would you have wanted to see more of in the work? What was your favorite part? In other words, this is a day for all the fan-girls out there to let their inner critic shine. 

Wednesday - Just do it challenge 

Take Wednesday to be mindful of your physical health. What fitness goals do you have? What meals are you planning on preparing for yourself today? Write all of that down in your journal. Track your meals, hourly activity and water intake. If you've been sitting down for a couple of hours reading or watching TV, take a 30-minute walk with your dog and record it. At the end of the day see what daily habits you would like to keep and which ones you want to improve on. 

Thursday - Picture perfect challenge 


Go through the photo gallery on your phone and print out your favorite pictures, then get together some of your old Polaroids and cut out some cute clippings from magazines. Paste them into a collage within your journal. Write funny captions around the edges or little doodles that represent the funniest inside jokes. Include images that represent your accomplishments and future goals. Whenever you start to feel down throughout the week, look back to these collage pages for an instant boost.

Friday - Trip down memory lane challenge


Think back to an ordinary day in your childhood. Jot down the things that a day-in-the-life of miniature you would consist of. What shows did you watch? What types of arts and crafts did you do? What food did you eat? After you have a sufficient list, turn it into your current day's itinerary. Reliving the days when you were carefree and never bored will definitely relieve some stress. Write about the experience in your journal when the day is over. 

Saturday - Baker challenge


Go to the kitchen and make that one dessert you've never been able to get right. Write down all the ingredients you used and your process. Take a picture of the final product (or draw it) and rate the taste, presentation and texture. If the dessert doesn't come out the way you wanted it to, write the steps you are going to take to improve your recipe. Ask for an adult's help if you don't know what exactly needs fixing, and try again! 

Sunday - Reflection challenge 

As the week comes to a close, reflect on what you've been able to achieve. What challenge was your favorite, and which one was the most difficult? Do you feel any different than you did in the beginning of the week? As a final challenge, push yourself just a little bit more to try and practice one new skill. Maybe you want to learn how to French braid your own hair or sew a button back on your clothes. When you succeed (like we know you will), write a love letter to yourself saying how proud you are of your abilities and growth. 

Are you going to start this 7-day challenge? Tell us in the comments!


by Cassandra R Lopez | 5/11/2020