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Sneaky ways to make your spring break feel longer before going virtual

Spring break has *finally* arrived, but it will def be leaving much faster than it took to get here. And with new guidelines that will keep you indoors during your long-awaited break, it may feel like the rest + relaxation that you have been so patiently waiting for is going to fly right by.

To avoid the typically v. fast pace of breaks, try these tips to keep things moving slow and steady before you go back to (digital) school and spend all your time in front of a screen.

Plan out your daily activities

TBH, going from being busy all the time to doing nothing for a week is exactly what makes spring break feel so short: You have a great (but v. exhausting) routine, and you toss it for a week to get some serious Zzz's.

Avoid the itch to sleep the days away, and keep a schedule for yourself to keep days structured and the week feeling longer!

Do more reading

If the book you have been dying to take off the shelf still has not been touched, there is no better time than now to pick it up. Setting a daily page goal for yourself can mean some exciting #littlewins, and your break will stay slow and structured!

Try something new

There is hardly anything more exciting than investing in something you have never tried before, and spring break is the perfect opp to take advantage of that.

Bake that cake you saw on Insta or follow that YouTube hair tutorial; keeping yourself occupied with things that excite you is sure to make your break feel *way* longer than a week!

Have a virtual girls' night with your besties

Your BFFs are your biggest supporters, honest critics and shoulders to cry on. While they can't be there for you physically if things go awry over the break, they can def be your support system over the phone!

Use group FaceTime calls to create the ultimate gals' night, complete with a Netflix party and all the latest gossip. Digital does not mean distanced forever, and your break will feel much longer if it is business as usual with your besties.

Plan out a future trip

What better way to spend your day than creating something to look forward to?

Whether it's a concert for the band you are *dying* to see live or a road trip with your besties, making a plan from scratch for the ultimate future trip—in a time beyond the quarantine and social distancing—is one of the best ways to keep you from spring break boredom and ensure the week takes its time to move by.

What are your social distancing spring break plans? Share your schedule with us in the comments!

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by Logan Potter | 3/31/2020