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Five inspiring girls who prove that strong is the new pretty


Girls are capable of anything, from starting their own businesses to running marathons to changing the world. That girl power is exactly what photographer Kate T. Parker captures in Strong Is the New Pretty, a book filled with stunning pictures and inspiring quotes from girls who are total #goals.


The motivational must-read reminds us that beauty isn't determined by what clothes you wear or what size and shape you are. True beauty is all about embracing your authentic self and letting it shine through. It's about loving who you are on the inside and not being afraid to let the rest of the world see the real you.

Srong Is the New Pretty features tons of real girls being their amazing selves. But if you turn on the news or browse Insta, you know that there are so many more awesome girls making a difference in the world right now, too. Read on for some of our favorite quotes from the book and the girls we discovered who embody themand who prove that the future really *is* female.


"Scars are worn by those who fought to overcome something hard in life and won." —Paige
When she was ten years old, Emilee Spencer was in a scary ATV accident that left her with a crushed footand the fear that she may never run again, even after 17 (!!) surgeries. But this February, Emilee, now 15, crossed the finish line of the Disney Princess Half Marathon with her best friend by her side. Talk about a girl who's mentally and physically strong.


"If you're strong on the inside, it means nobody can break you down." Carlie
Just dance. That's Lizzy Howell's motto. The 15-year-old dancer recently gained Instagram fame when one of her videos went viral. As a plus-sized dancer in a sport that doesn't have the best track record in body diversity, she is breaking the stereotype and encouraging girls of all shapes and sizes to do what they love, no matter what. 


"Even a princess can be a warrior. My cancer didn't stand a chance." Lauren M.
Pia Phillips was just your average teen, until the doctors told her she had Stage 2A Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And to make matters worse, her best friend Abbie Nelson was handed her own tough diagnosis (Type 1 diabetes) around the same time. Battling their chronic illnesses together had a lasting impact on both of their livesin a good way. The pair founded PAB'S PACKS, an organization that donates care backpacks filled with things like journals and blankets to children who have to be hospitalized for long periods of time.


"Many girls grew up dreaming of a hero to save them. I grew up dreaming of
becoming one." Lesley
If there's anyone who understands not quite fitting in, it's Jazz Jennings. The 16-year-old is now one of the world's leading transgender advocates and LGBTQ rights activists (she even recently inspired the first transgender doll!)...but it took a lot of strength, self-confidence and bravery to get there. Despite being teased relentlessly for who she was, Jazz never let it bring her down because, as her shirt says, we *all* have qualities that make us unique and valuable. 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/7/2017