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4 babysitting sitches--solved!

Sure, you went to the Safe Sitters class and know how to do CPR, but are you really ready for every issue a baby can have? Of course not! Here are four solutions for tough issues that you might run into, so you can be a li’l more prepared before that sitting sesh on Saturday night.


Party All Night Long

If you’re a good sitter (and we know you are), those kids are gonna want to get in as much playtime with you as possible before bed. So how are you supposed to convince them to settle down for some shuteye? One great trick is to let them stay up with you and watch TV, but the catch is that you get to pick the show. So pop on some politics or golf, and see how long those little guys can hold their heavy lids open. Most likely, they’ll be snoozin’ on your shoulder before the next commercial.


Mommy Always Lets Me

This is a classic line that kids use when they think they can outsmart the new girl. Don’t let ‘em fool ya, though – if Mommy didn’t say anything about it to you, the best plan is to avoid it. Whether they want a cookie before bed or a sneak peek at a PG-13 movie, distract them with something else fun and exciting. And if they’re askin’ about something serious, like the meds they’re supposed to take before bed, call their parents to ask about it before following the kids’ instructions. It could be that their mom forgot to mention everything before she left, but if not, she’ll appreciate that you called to check.


Rise And Shine!

The mom just left, and she told you that her toddler should sleep for the next few hours. So you settle in for some time with your fave novel or a li’l one-on-one with the older sib, when screaming starts upstairs. What do you do? Don’t sweat it, sistah. Go get the baby, and distract him with some toys or a snack. Sure, he’ll be upset at first that you aren’t Mom, but if he gets focused on something else, he’ll act a lot more friendly towards you. If he’s got an older sib, enlist them to help you in the distraction, and pretty soon you’ll all be having a blast.



You’ve been doing your best to be an awesome sitter, but sometimes little things go wrong anyway. If one of the kids gets a gash on her knee or breaks a vase in the house, keep calm. Unless it’s a 911 emergency, take care of the booboo or clean up the mess, and then go back to playtime with the kids. The main thing is that when Mom and Dad get home, tell them exactly what happened. If you’re honest about the accident, they won’t be mad. In fact, they’ll probably be impressed that you were mature enough to handle it and that you didn’t hide anything from them.


So chickies, what are some ways that you’ve solved your sitter sitches?



by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016