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Wanna make $3,000 this summer?

Whether ya just want some spending money or are saving up for somethin’ huge, there’s no reason why a fab teen like you can’t rake in thousands of bucks this summer, right? We’ve got 10 commandments to get you started.


1. Start hunting now. If you want a “regular” job this summer, you have to start looking at soon as you can. Go around to all of the local places that usually hire teens during the summer and ask for an application or drop of your resume.


2. Spread the word. While we don’t recommend posting flyers in public places, there’s no reason you can’t have mom ‘n’ dad get the word out on your behalf. Ask them to tell their friends that you’re looking for work this summer—babysitting, dog walking, house sitting, cleaning, yard work, web design, whatever it is you’re capable of doing.


3. Be professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re going from store to store asking for apps or if you’re starting your own business. The younger you are, the more necessary it is to look and act professionally. Wear nice clothes (think khakis and a button down), a friendly smile and go easy on the makeup. Ditch the gum and messy hair for a more put-together look. And remember your manners!


4. Start your own business. Are you really good at, say, making bracelets or creating your own body lotion or designing posters? Then you really should consider selling your wares and services. Make a website, hit up craft fairs and local vendors, and invest in business cards, pronto.


5. Have references ready to go. If you’re looking for a flexible job that depends on your dependability, you’ll want ace references to tell potential clients how fabulous and responsible you are. Type ‘em up neatly on a sheet of paper and have them ready to hand out during interviews.


6. Be persistent. As school winds down and more and more tweens and teens start looking for summer employment, you’ve got to make yourself heard. Don’t be annoying, but do politely follow-up in person or by phone or email. A quick, “Hey! I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything more you needed from me to make your decision about this job,” will remind them who you are and reinforce your interest.


7. Send thank-you notes. After an interview, sending a handwritten thank-you note is a must. It will be a personal touch that will make your would-be employer wanna hire you on the spot. What could be better than that?


8. Jump right in. Sure, you might have been hired to scoop ice cream from 9 to 5 all summer long, but when the boss says he’s thinking of starting a blog or wants to get his business on Facebook, don’t hesitate to say, “Hey! I can help with that!” Taking initiative will put a big gold star next to your name, sweetie.


9. Be willing to do anything. You won’t get anywhere by saying “no” to mundane, boring tasks that nobody really wants to do. In the world of business, you’ll just irritate your superiors by getting an attitude about your to-do list. Enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard will get ya places, babe, so go with the flow even if it’s a li’l less than fun. Sweeping up? Sure, boss!


10. Why wait? I bet you could free up a few hours during the weekend or after school to start rakin’ in the dough a few months before school lets out. By the time your yearbook is signed, you’ll already be trained and ready to up your hours for the summer months. Score!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016