How to turn your ex-BFF into your BFF again

You're scrolling through your TikTok feed and see a TikTok that *totally* reminds you of your ex-best friend. You miss hanging out with them, but aren't sure how to reach back out. No matter what the situation was that caused you to drift apart, remind yourself why you two were friends in the first place and follow this guide to turn your ex-BFF into your BFF again. 


Why she's your ex-BFF: You guys just drifted apart. Maybe you didn't have any classes together, or one of you moved away.

How to make her your bestie again: Reach out to her! Shoot her a DM on Insta complimenting her latest fall 'fit, or even just asking a simple "Hey, how's life?" She'll love that you took the initiative to say something, and who knows? You might come back and be stronger besties than ever. 

Why she's your ex-BFF: You two had a dumb argument. Maybe it was about where you sat at lunch, or who had the better science grade. Either way, it's old news and you want to be friends again.

How to make her your bestie again: Ask her to talk about what happened, and be open to listening. Even if you feel like it was her fault, be honest and open to admitting mistakes you might have made. You'll both learn more about the other's perspective and see that it was silly to stop being friends over a small argument. 

Why she's your ex-BFF: You two were crushing hard on the same guy and couldn't agree on who was "allowed" to like him. Or maybe you were in the dreaded "my ex is dating my best friend" situation. Either way, you both felt betrayed and went your separate ways.

How to make her your bestie again: Just remember that though crushes may be exciting, your closest bonds deserve priority, too. You probably enjoy your BFF's company *way* more than a fleeting infatuation— and you should tell her so. Chances are she feels the same way and you two will be back to dishing on your romantic gossip in no time.

Why she's your ex-BFF: Your tea-spilling session with your bestie didn't stay so secret. Suddenly the whole school knows your business...and your trust is *totally* broken. 

How to make her your bestie again: Though it goes without saying that you need to be able to trust your main girl, everyone makes mistakes once in a while. If she accidentally blabbed about something small (say, telling the whole lunch table that you got your period yesterday), confront her, tell her why you're mad and give her space to apologize. If she's constantly spilling secrets or can't be trusted with major news, it's maybe time to rethink who your gossip buddy should be.

Why she's your ex-BFF: She seriously hurt your feelings. Whether it was cyberbullying you, making everything feel like a competition that you *can't* win, telling other friends your innermost secrets or making drama within your squad, she was all-around toxic. 

How to make her your bestie again: Maybe this girl doesn't need to be back in your girl gang. No matter how long she's been your friend, or how many memories you've made, you deserve a friend who makes you feel good about yourself. Take a deep breath, wish her well (in your mind or IRL) and move on.



by Abigail Adams and Serena Sherwood | 10/12/2020