13 types of friends *every* girl has had

From the girl who knows everything about everyone to the one who never returns what she borrows from you, we've all had *that* friend. Chances are you can relate to all (or most) of these stereotypical besties below.

The one who's down for whatever, whenever.
This girl is ready for anything at any time. When you're bored you text her, because you know she always ready to hangout and do whatever you want.

The mom. 
Yes she might be a total vibe killer at times but you can trust her advice and she’s your go-to gal pal when you need to vent..

The mean girl.
TBH, you're not sure why you're friends with this girl—you guys have some things in common, but she can be a bit mean and loves to remind you of how great she is. 

The damsel in distress.
This friend thinks you're a guidance counselor, and for some reason her life is always in shambles, but you're always there for her with a box of Kleenex and good advice.

Selfie queen.
Anything with this friend can not go undocumented! She has to let her thousands of Insta followers know what she's doing at *all* times so you're constantly snapping pics.

The health nut.
Right after you post a photo of your venti Frapp (with whipped cream, natch), she posts a photo of her green kale and chia smoothie, the same green smoothie she's been trying to get you to drink for months. Although you’ll never drink her crazy concoction, you know you’ll always have a workout partner on standby.

The one that's related to you.
Whether it's your sister or cousin, they're related to you and you've been best friends since you were babies.

Nosey Nancy.
This friend know everyone's business—aside from being a great friend, you keep her around to know the 411 on what's happening and who's dating who.

The questionable friend.
She’s wild, unpredictable and more often than not, a hot mess. You tend to question her actions as they're normally not, well, normal but at the end of the day, you still love her.

Clingy Clarissa.
This friend must know where you're at and what you're doing. She needs to talk to you all the time and when you're together, it seems like she’s never tired of giving you hugs. She's a good friend, but you def need your space from her.

The borrower.

You and this girl have come to the conclusion that one another's closet is your personal shopping mall. You borrow each other's clothes and accessories (but sometimes "forget" to return them, oops).

The best friend you never talk to.
You guys only hang out like once a year, but it's okay because somehow you always just pick up where you left off.

Your ultimate best friend.
This bestie is all of the best friends above wrapped up into one perfect package—she’s your BFFL.

Can you relate to any of these friend types? Tell us below! 

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by Khadean Coombs | 7/18/2017