Sunny spring fun

Here comes the sun! And with temps rising, rising, rising, it’s time to turn off the TV and get off that comfy sofa, couch potato! With the gorgeous weather out, we’re trying to think up as many reasons as we possibly can to spend more time with dear ol’ Mother Nature.
Join us outdoors and try to think up some more fun things to do with your besties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
Pièce de résistance
The last time you made side walk chalk drawings was when you were, say, 8? But that doesn’t mean you can’t now. Sure it may sound kinda silly, but it can actually be a lot of fun! Round up your gal pals and chalk up your driveway with tons of bright colors and funky patterns. Let your creativity flow while you all chat and enjoy the fab weather. When you’re all done, your masterpiece will totally be the envy of your neighbors.
Channel your hippy side and grab your most musical friends for an outdoor jam sesh. Sit outside and rock out while breathing in that fresh spring air. Throw a mini concert by inviting your fam, neighbors and other friends to watch you all play. Encourage them to sing along and bring their own instruments if they’re interested. Together, you’ll have a springy afternoon of peace and music.
Walk and Talk
Not a fan of running? Me neither! After dinner, head out for an evening walk with your fam. Such a simple idea can really be a ton of fun. Go for a stroll around the neighborhood and admire the gorgeous outdoors together. Catch up on what you’ve been doing, joke around and just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Even better? You’ll get a li’l workout…minus the sweat!
Say Cheese!
Let out your inner diva in an outdoor photo shoot with your friends. You can go all out with a fashion shoot in glam outfits, awesome accessories and bold make up. Or channel iconic photos like the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. Wanna go a li’l more au naturale? Go out in casual attire with your girls and document a fun day in the park or take some artsy pics of the blooming flowers.


by Kristen Yeung | 2/1/2016