Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I feel so down about the pandemic variants"

Dear Carol, 

All the talk around the pandemic variants has left me feeling more negative than I used to. Not depressed, just blah and ugh. Help. 

- Blues and Blahs 

Dear Blues and Blahs, 

Everybody deserves great big prizes for getting through 2020 and 2021. You may wind up telling your future grandkids about the masks and Zooms and vaccines (did you get ours?). Fortunately, scientists are helping us inch our way out of the tunnel—and it's OK to get in the holiday spirit and start feeling as thankful as possible. Can you start every day by writing down at least three things you feel good about? Focusing on the positive will lift your spirits. What else? Start a new hobby or set a new goal. Be kind to others. Go for a hike with a friend. And plan something fun (a sleepover, a pizza night, a cousin party) that you can look forward to. Oh, and let yourself be creative. Sketch, write a song, make dinner. One more thought: You are not alone. Pandemic stress has taken a toll on everyone, and, unfortunately, we need to keep taking this virus seriously. But a new year is around the corner, and I'm doing my best to stay both careful and optimistic. 

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by GL | 10/2/2021