Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, what do I do if I get my period on a beach trip?"

Dear Carol, 

My dad’s friend is lending my family his beach house for Memorial Day Weekend… but I’m going to be on my period. Should I still swim? I am worried I will bleed through my suit. Help!

-Period Problem 

Dear Period Problem, 

A beach vacay? Lucky you! This is an excellent problem. With tampons, you can swim with no worries (but dive in with a pad and it will absorb water right away). Millions of women have fi gured out tampons—and you can, too. If you’re not ready, don’t sweat it, but why not talk to a mom or sister or aunt or friend about this? Or buy tampons and do a little trial and error? Oh, one more thing. Don’t flush tampons. It saves plumbing if you wrap them in toilet paper and drop them in the wastebasket.

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by GL | 5/27/2021