Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I get my mom to let me wear makeup?"

Dear Carol,
I'm turning 13 in less than two weeks, and I want to wear makeup. Every time I've asked my mom, she said no, but I think I'm old enough now. All my friends are allowed to wear makeup, and I'm the only one who is not.
-Ready For My Close-Up

 Dear Ready For My Close-Up,
I'm of the less-is-more school when it comes to makeup, but it sounds like you've given this a lot of thought. Instead of saying, "I want to wear makeup," start with "I want to wear a little lip gloss." Many parents worry that their kids are "growing up too fast," so spend time with your mom this summer. If your mom feels she can trust you, she may become less anxious about this makeup milestone. And I promise you aren't the "only one." Take out your class list and put a check by every girl who wears makeup. See? You're not really alone.

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by GL | 6/29/2017