Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm not attracted to girls or guys"

Dear Carol,
I'm 14 and I don't feel an attraction to guys. Every other girl my age either has a boyfriend or is looking for one. I think of guys as friends and have never felt a stronger connection than that. I'm also not into celebrities, and I don't think of guys as "cute" or "hot." I'm not a lesbian because I don't feel an attraction to girls either. Is somehthing wrong with me?
—Not Attracted

Dear Not Attracted,
Nothing is wrong with you, and you're not the only girl to feel this way. Some girls are more romatically driven than others, and many would say it's a good thing that you aren't wasting your time on crushes or celebs. At some point, I'm sure you will meet someone and have feelings for that person (and frankly, time is on your side because as guys mature, they tend to become more crushworthy anyway). But if you don't develop romantic feelings for any gender ever, that's normal, too.  

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by GL | 1/19/2017
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