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5 better-for-you soda alternatives we're craving rn

Idk about you, but we're craving a crisp, ice-cold Coke straight from the can pretty much 24/7. Soft drinks can make the perfect sweet treat for a warm summer evening with your BFFs, but their super-high sugar content makes them an imperfect choice for a daily beverage. Yeah, Diet Coke exists, but we just aren't digging that fake sugar either. And let's be fr—it tastes nothing like the OG. 

But fear not, bb! Bubbly bevs can still be the sweetest mood-booster without that excessive sugar. We've rounded up our fav soda alternatives with all the delish flavors and without all the additional sweeteners—because you *always* deserve a little sweet treat. 


This isn't your basic sparkling water. That's because Spindrift was the first brand of sparkling water to use real fruit juice in their recipe. With 15 fruity flavors currently available on the website (we're obsessed with Strawberry Lemonade), there's something for every craving. 

Because these bevs are packed with a healthy fruit juice base, each drink is both colorful and sweet. But the best part? No added sugar! Spindrift is delicately sweetened with only the natural goodness of your fav fruits—whether that be peaches, mangoes, raspberries, or almost any other fruit you can think of. Move over soda, because these good-for-you sugars provide the ultimate midday pick-me-up. 

Shop Spindrift on Amazon: $12


DIY bubbly water with fruit 

Got a flavor craving you just can't find in-store? Time to get creative! All you need is sparkling water (you can buy this at the store or make your own), fruit of your choice and a cute cup to drink out of. We recommend an adorably aesthetic mason jar (like these ones).

For a Sprite-inspired drink, slice up lemons and limes and put them in the sparkling water. Let the citrus sit for at least fifteen minutes to infuse the water with lemon-lime flavor and enjoy! You'll have a healthy and refreshing bev in just a few easy steps. 

Want to try another flavor combo? Check out these five easy infused water recipes here. 



Meet the bubbly bev that not only quenches your soda cravings, but is packed with fiber and antioxidants. Poppi is the It-girl of soda alternatives. The brand prides itself on making a prebiotic soda that keeps your gut, skin and your whole body healthy. Their secret ingredient? Apple Cider Vinegar. Yep, this refreshing soda alternative has a whole teaspoon of ACV. Don't let this fool you, the vinegar taste is completely masked by taste of fresh fruit juice. Plus, a can only has five grams of sugar and about 20 calories! Poppi has seven different fruit flavors and three popular soda dupes. We totally recommend trying the cherry limeade (it's giving a sweet and sour Shirley Temple).

Shop Poppi on Amazon: $26.99


Sparkling Ice

0% sugar, 0% carbs and 100% ah-mazing. Sparkling ice packs 17 oz of sparkling water and fresh fruit juice that tastes exactly like any soda. With 15 fizzy, fruity flavors, there are so many options to fit your vibe. The brand also has seven caffeinated options for the girlies that need an extra boost throughout their day.

You can kick this drink up a notch by putting it in a cute cup (we are *obsessed* with these jars — a yummy drink and sustainable dishes, what's not to love?) and adding some extra fruit for an even sweeter taste!

Shop Sparkling Ice on Amazon, $11.40



Olipop has actually stolen our hearts when it comes to a bubbly bev. If the adorable packaging wasn't enough to sell you (each can is def Instagram-pic worthy), these fizzy drinks are rich in taste and health benefits. Olipop is a prebiotic soda, but the kick is that the drink uses plant fiber to boost your digestive health. With about two to five grams of sugar per can, stocking your fridge up with these cuties is def the way to go. 

Psst...are you a Starbucks' pink drink fan? We've got a summer drink upgrade for you. Fill the bottom of your cup with strawberries and top it with crushed ice. Pour in the strawberry vanilla-flavored Olipop, then add a dash of coconut milk. Mix it up and you've got yourself an at-home, healthy Starbies!

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by Annika Chaves and Laila Mayfield | 7/15/2023