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Why you should add more plant-based foods to your life (plus 4 easy recipes to get you started)

Whether you've been vegan for a few years or are trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into your diet, plant-based foods are the way to go! From environmental to health benefits, here's why eating more plant-based meals is a win all around.

Eating plant-based is better for the environment

If you're looking to improve your carbon footprint, then swapping in a few meatless meals throughout your week will definitely do the trick. In a recent Oxford University study, researchers found that those who eat plant-based decrease their carbon footprint by 73%.

By eating plant-based, you use less land and water resources *and* reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even a few changes can go a long way in impacting the environment!

No animals are harmed when eating plant-based

Another bonus to eating plant-based is the animal welfare impacts! Each year billions of animals are killed for food across the world. Choosing to eat plant-based saves animals from cruel living conditions and inhumane slaughter practices. 

I could you eat this?

You'll get more plant-based protein!

Although many people focus on protein, research from the Mayo Clinic says that most Americans meet and even exceed their daily protein intake.

Eating enough protein is easier than you think. Lots of vegetables and plant-based foods are protein-rich! They are typically lower in cholesterol and saturated fats too, so try some adding some tofu or beans to a dish you love.

Now that you've read some of the perks of going plant-based, you're probably looking for some easy recipes to add to your repertoire! Well, we've got 4 plant-based recipes that are so easy and *so* delicious that you'll never realize you're missing meat.

1. Easy rice burrito bowls

Starting off nice and easy, these burrito bowls are great for meal prep and can be made in under 30 minutes. Packed with nutrient-rich veggies and protein from black beans, these burrito bowls are sure to keep you full and nourished!

2. Buffalo cauliflower "wings"

You won't be missing chicken wings with these tasty buffalo cauliflower "wings". Full of flavor, you can bring this yummy vegetarian appetizer to a party or snack on them after school!

3. Vegan mac and cheese

A vegan twist on an American classic! This creamy, cheesy cheese sauce packed with vegetables and mixed in with some macaroni noodles will instantly transport you back to your childhood—but it's all dairy-free!

4. Vegan roasted sweet potato salad

This delicious and hearty salad is perfect for an on-the-go girl! Full of vegetables, beans and topped with a creamy dressing, you can easily make this the night before or whip up a quick lunch.

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by Hannah Kennedy | 2/23/2023