Eat Right

10 healthier ways to snack on chips

If potato chips are your go-to evening snack (who doesn't love munching on 'em while catching up on your fave Netflix shows?!), you will love these hacks to healthify your crunch craving. You'll get the same texture and salty goodness with an added boost of nutrients.


Oven baked zucchini chips: Not only do these chips look delicious, but they're tasty, too. Loaded with vitamin C, they're also vegan and gluten free. 


Sea salt and vinegar kale chips: These chips are salty, crunchy, a great source of vitamins A & C and will leave your mouth watering. 


Baked sweet potato chips: Trade your baked potato for these crunchy bites and keep the yummy flavor you love. 


Carrot chips: Carrots are known to improve your eyes and give you much-needed iron...and these baked ones taste way better than the mushy ones your mom used to make you eat. 

Homemade baked banana chips: Do you have a love for anything that tastes like banana? If so, these chips are for you—plus, they're an excellent source of potassium. 

Baked potato chips: Keep the potato taste and put your spuds in the oven (instead of the fryer) for a healthy take on the classic. 


Baked apple chips: Full of fiber, these sweet bites are healthy *and* oh so addicting. Sprinkle cinnamon on top for a super sweet snack. 

Cucumber chips: These chips would be perfect dipped in ranch dressing or hummus as an after school snack. 

Squash chips: Use up all that zucchini and summer squash that's in the fridge with this recipe. 

Baked beet chips: These may look like regular chips, but you really can't *beet* the health factor (aka tons of vitamin C, iron and vitamin B-6).

What's your favorite potato chip alternative? Share below! 

by Mary Kate Biser | 12/1/2018