Survey Says

Which TV character are you most like?

1. Michael Scott or Ron Swanson?
2. Rory Gilmore or Veronica Lodge?
3. Leslie Knope or Chuck Bass?
4. Pam Beesly or Lorelai Gilmore?
5. Brooke Davis or Betty Cooper?
6. TK or Rhyme?
7. Stefan Salvatore or Jughead Jones?
8. Dwight Schrute or Dan Humphrey?
9. Archie Andrews or Peyton Sawyer?
10. Blair Waldorf or Cheryl Blossom?
11. Elena Gilbert or Serena van der Woodsen?
12. Damon Salvatore or Nate Archibald?
13. Haley James or Andy Bernard?
14. Jim Halpert or Nathan Scott?

These are only a few of our favoite TV show characters out there. Sound off in the comments with other characters you relate to! 

Photo credit: Dean Buscher/The CW


by Rachel Shvalb | 8/15/2018