Survey Says

Answer these Qs and get your snack on at the same time

1. Barbeque or sour cream and onion?

2. Flaming hot or Limón?

3. Biscuits and gravy or chicken and waffles?

4. Salt and vinegar or pizza?

5. Chipotle ranch or balsamic sweet onion?

6. Parmesan and Tuscan herb or garden tomato and basil?

7. Maui onion or dill pickle?

8. Wasabi or pico de gallo?

9. Classic or kettle cooked?

10. Cheddar bacon mac and cheese or smoked gouda and chive?

11. Cappuccino or sweet and spicy teriyaki?

12. Spicy ketchup or honey mustard?

What's your favorite Lay's flavor? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credit: Foap


by Alyson Trager | 2/28/2018