Survey Says

What are you wearing on the first day of school?

Create your ideal back-to-school look...

1. Are you rocking jeans or a skirt? 

2. Are you sticking with sandals or switching to sneakers? 

3. Is your hair going to be up or down? 

4. Will mascara be your BFF or are you going bare-faced? 

5. Are you rocking a blouse or a T-shirt?

6. Are you piling on the accessories or keeping it simple? 

7. Will you wear your *fave* summer shirt or did you buy a new one? 

8. Should you bring your go-to bomber jacket or leave it at home? 

9. Will you be sporting a trendy backpack or a cute tote? 

10. Will you rock a fresh mani or nah? 

Share your answers in the comments below!


by Aly Prouty | 8/9/2017