Survey Says

We wanna know what *you* did this summer!

Three months goes by *crazy* fast! What were the highlights of your summer?

1. Did you have more fun splashing in the pool or chilling at the lake? 

2. Were your summer nights spent inside with a movie or out with your girls? 

3. Did you take off to summer camp or get a summer job? 

4. Was summer spent with bae or embracing the single life? 

5. Is your skin tan or did you burn? 

6. Was summer homework finished after the first week of summer or are you *still* putting it off? 

7. Was your fave summer trend rompers or the off-the-shoulder dress? 

8. Did you scarf down some ice cream or slurp smoothies? 

9. Did you chill at concerts all night or get up early for a sweat sesh? 

10. Did you go on vacation or have a staycation? 

Share your answers in the comments below!


by Aly Prouty | 8/16/2017