Blush Much

This crush moment is going to make you cringe *so* hard!

One time on the bus, I saw this *totally* cute guy sitting in the seat next to mine! My friend had noticed as well, so I took out my phone and decided to, well, take a picture of him… (You know, for ~research~ purposes!) Well, to take the photo, I had to be pretty sneaky and so I pretended I was calling my mom, putting the phone right up to my ear where it was facing the cute guy. I was all, "Yes! Mom, I know.. I'll take out the trash as SOON as I come home!" and basically just pretending to have a conversation with my mom. But just as I hit the button to take the pic, the flash went off—*so* bright! The cute boy just looked at me as if he were *super* confused and I wanted to die right there! If the flash didn't give it away, the crazy blushing on my face sure did!

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by GL | 5/13/2017
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